History of Phở

There are endless discussions about the original Pho. Some said it’s from the Chinese, some may said that it was started in a french textile factory in Nam Dinh. In my opinion it is enough to know that the Pho that we have today was created by Vietnamese in a village in Nam Dinh province during the 20th century. Pho is a perfect example of Vietnamese food culture and history. The cooking style was from China, the beef bone and broth technique was from the French, and the herbs, ingredients, and seasoning were developed by Vietnamese.

During the French colonial period and the Geneva Accords, the country was divided into North and South Vietnam. The same with Pho, it is divided into Saigon-style and Hanoi-style Pho. Saigon-style broth becomes stronger with aroma, a little sweeter in taste, served with varieties of beef and vegetables medley on the side. While Hanoi-style is a simpler version with just thinly cut beef and less vegetables but still holds a complex flavor of broth.

There are many Pho sold in Vietnam and in the world. And one thing for sure, there is no definition of an authentic Pho taste as everyone has its own palette and has their own or heritage recipe.


Sliced Beef, Brisket, Meatballs, Rice Noodles,
24-hour Beef Bone Broth


Sliced Free Range Chicken, Chicken Meatball, Scallion, Onion, Rice Noodles, Slow Cooked Chicken Broth


Wok-seared Beef, Scallions, Rice Noodles,
24-hour Beef Bone Broth

How To Eat Pho