Pho is for everybody so the process is quite simple. I am right handed so i will use the chopsticks in my right hand and spoon in my left hand. The bowl arrives, some Pho is very hot so be careful if you eat with your kids. First you take a sip of broth. It is important as you take a first sip of bottle wine to know it good or bad. Like wine, the broth muss be clear and not clouded, the aromas muss be well balancing and you still can indentify every single aroma. The meat muss be tender, soft and not dry. The rice noodle should be fresh and not too elastic. Never eat a cold Pho because beef fat makes your mouth uncomfortable. Try to keep your face not to far from the bowl so you can enjoy the wonderful aromas of Pho. The ways of using sauces and vegatable during the meal are also quite different between North- and Southvietnam. In North they just put a little chili sauce in Pho bowl and try it with purity, in the south many people put everything in the bowl, mix then enjoy ( video). After the meal, the noodles go first and the broth stays, just take some drops of lime in to the soup and finish this bowl. The aroma and acidity of the lime will borrow the broth an other different and intereting final taste, especially as the broth get cold.

After Pho, a best drink is a hot tea, but at Pho Mevui you can have a good vietnamese iced coffee with condensed milk.