How to cook Pho

Very sorry that we can’t tell  the secret recipe of our Pho. There are so many Pho stalls in Vietnam and in the world and everyone has it’s own taste. Recipes for a home cooked Pho are easy to find everywhere but every chef will make the Pho different with his own recipe. Please take a look at the video for Pho cooking class.

At Pho Mevui, we focus on very authentic way of cooking Pho. We cook our  broth  with four to five hours process. We use fresh, quality beef bones, whole sides of flank steak, traditional herbs ( cloves garlic, ginger, shallot, cinnamon, anise…) to develop our savory broth. Every morning my wife has to adjust it because the bones for the broth are not the same everyday, the result can be big different in the end. Our lengthy process and careful methods develop a unique and authentic pur vietnamese flavor. Pho consists of fresh rice noodles, thinly sliced cuts of eye round steak, flank, tendon and book tripe.

Now a very simple question :” Do you want to spend 4 hrs to cook a good Pho or you go straigh to a good Pho stall ?”