Chef Maria Huyen

My name is Huyen Ho or Maria and I am Vietnamese, born in Hue, Central Vietnam. I studied literature at the University of Hue and now live in Bali with my husband and 2 children. The culture, waves, ocean and the people of Bali made me move to the island. It will bring my family closer and a better environment for my kids to learn.

Cooking has always been my passion. When I went to school, my family was so poor that we didn’t have a kitchen at home. I can remember as a little girl spending hours in the garden, trying to build a simple kitchen from wood, leaves and clay, and making food with fruits and plants. Just after marriage, my mom and my mother in law led me to the world of cooking. After traveling throughout Vietnam to learn its food culture and technique, I was professionally trained at Sofitel Hotel by Sakal Phoeung, President of Escoffier Vietnam. Today, I am still a little girl playing in the kitchen. I love the original way of cooking but also want to experience different tastes and textures. Combining Vietnamese culture and western cooking to my own personal recipes.

Today with the help of my husband and wonderful people that I met in my life, I can finally proudly call myself a chef with 2 restaurants running in Sai Gon, Vietnam, 4 running in Bali, and more coming soon!